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Document and data destruction

Document and Data Destruction Overview

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    Under current legislation the Data Protection Act imposes the requirement for the secure disposal of any data containing personal information which may include names and addresses, financial and legal documentation. Almost every business, be it small or large, generates documents containing sensitive information, and the destruction of this information will become necessary at some stage for any number of reasons. The options available are limited to either security shredding or incineration. The first option is carried out by many businesses on their premises using office shredders. This method is only suitable for small quantities of paperwork as the resultant waste generated by document shredders is both bulky and messy.

    The second option available is secure incineration which is a specialised area. Waste destroyed by means of incineration is strictly controlled by the 'Duty of Care' under the 'Environmental Protection Act 1990'. Subsequently all waste destruction by this method is normally carried out by incineration specialists such as us.

    We are registered and licensed waste carriers with the Environmental Agency and carry full public liability insurance to cover all types of waste collections.

    We currently undertake collections within the South East of England with daily collections available within the M25 Corridor. Collections outside this area can be made within 48 hours notice.

    Since 1987 we have provided a comprehensive data destruction service, for the secure disposal of confidential waste. We supply sacks and seals as well as a variety of security containers for the storage of all documents whilst on your premises. All materials collected by us are subsequently destroyed by shredding or incineration, depending on the service requested. A fully documented audit trail certificate as stipulated by the 'Environmental Protection Act 1990' is issued for all waste collections. Additionally for peace of mind we also supply a 'Certificate of Destruction' outlining the means of destruction carried out.


    Please contact us for further details: Karraway Limited. 1 Folly Close, Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 8DR
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